Thursday, 30 August 2012

Blue Moon Me

Neil Armstrong died recently, so along with everyone else on the web, let's talk about the Full Moon tomorrow [Aug 31 2012 -although it's also payday which is weighing more on my mind.]
Yellowhammer would like to see Neil's ashes taken into Space to be scattered, I wonder if anyone will oblige. Im sure Nasa can utilise his death for some kind of publicity. Ouch.

A blue moon is commonly thought of as a second full moon within the same solar calender months we use today . Obviously if we just used a lunar calender this wouldnt be relevant.
Blue moons occur every 2.7 years on average under this definition. However, 1999 had blue moons in January and March. As astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson points out, presidential elections happen less often but we don't call them rare. 
The modern definition of a twice-in-a-month full moon comes from a 1946 Sky and Telescope magazine article. That article misinterpreted the usage of the term in The 1937 Maine Farmers' Almanac. 
That publication put the "blue" label on the fourth full moon in the season as there are usually just three.   Conflicting websites muddy the definition, but no one can really thwart the mystical moon, it just looks silly arguing about a definition against a non compatable calender.

 Whatever definition you want, why is it Blue ? Well let's see if it is. Moons can be white, grey, green even - the blue I read is just to express rarity, but I have no idea if the colour has other significance in folklore - probably.

Yellowhammers favourite moon relates to Endymion and Selene (Moon Goddess)
Instead of retelling the tale, this beautiful artwork reveals a lot 


Traditional works passed through to us some usage of Sun , Moon and Stars imagery.

The Sun  represents the desire for light and betterment, to seek truth, and gain riches- think bountiful.
Solar cults are rumoured to exist to this day (Illuminati) - however philosophically they would pervert the above ideas, and use others for betterment of selves, instead of putting in the work -  and they would desire gain material riches - instead of genuine Enlightenment. 
But bad luck them, for they shall remain on the wheel of fortune , going in circles for ever. 

The Stars represent the group or relation to others. Stellar Cults were rife in Ancient Greece.
Stars can mean the realisation of possibilities or unexpected help from others .

The Moon represents the introspective, possibly feminine, or left pillar aspects of the soul and life's adventure. It is also associated with Hunting and Lunar cults.

{ The Moon guides in the dark, so YH reckons She is ultimately one to keep on side in order to prevent lunacy }*

* That's your signal to go and light a joss stick...(-:

Sunday, 12 August 2012

TV Detectives

Yellowhammer's Culcha Spot.

A Good detective drama will have a quality script with witty or ponder-provoking phrasing.
Some examples of imagery used in Yellowhammers Detective (Inspector or Private) viewings recently include :

'..He's climbing up the candle...' ie the wrong direction towards the flame of trouble.
' I'm working like a one armed paper hanger..' - ie Too busy plate spinning
 '..He's a busted flush..' - ie Showed great promise and messed it right up

And on a more classical tip - Poirot's wisdom can not be faulted .. 
'The sins of the past cast long shadows, mon ami...'
along with 'Look after your Liver, Hastings, and the rest will look after itself...' 

Miss Marple is not an easy detective to like, but also comes with the odd wise observation..
' When love is driven underground, it quickens it ardour...' 

Too true, too true. 

There are quite a few rubbish detective shows to steer clear of.
Rosemary and Thyme don't hold a candle to Cadfael...and ...Dalziel & Pascoe are not even pronouncable- more Pie Hole than Pie in the Sky...I think they come from the Frost school.

 ...Some modern detective dramas are a bit too close to horror, or brooding and uncomfortable like Wallander...and many are mildly rediculous plotwise, despite excellent characters eg Johnathan Creek, Midsommer Murders...arguably all watchable Sunday viewing.

Yellowhammer likes the moody ones of course - Rebus and Morse would make a formidable pair. Sherlock however, can only ever go with Watson, which brings us onto sidekicks. 

Some detectives find themselves often outside the social sphere, and are therefore able to view humanity with less emotional involvement which aids thinking afresh.
The detective and their sidekick often have a good relationship with one another however - and are both on the side of justice, truth and loyalty - practising critical thinking, studying patterns with intellectual patience to dispense with dark plotters.

The side kick acts to add skills, pose questions, balance personality and highlight logical, yet artistic brilliance. Never as shrewd though.
Watson,  is grateful Im sure, to be beefed up in more recent adaptations -  a skilled shooter, doctor and moral guardian, more masculine than bumbling these days. 
Along with Sherlock, Poirot has to be the most arrogant - possessing OCD tendencies yet loving himself so much he spends hours on his appearance, and always scatters self complements over his grand concluding speech. 

Although Yellowhammer imagines there are people trying to solve-along-a-murder, my preferred method is to go with the Flow... Rockin' Like Columbo .


MORSE & _______
LEWIS & _________
POIROT & _________
GENTLY & ________
BARNABY & _______
REGAN & ________ 


What is Cadfael's favourite drink?______________