Thursday, 26 June 2014

Summer Colour Splash and Nature's laws


solstice rose


So all things grow then die in the circle of life. Its a law of nature. We can string it out, we can turn ourselves into cyborgs, we can load our brains onto computers, sooner or later its still happening.
These beautiful flowers will die, and rot. In their place will come something else.
Im fine with that. You can get too much of a good thing.

But Humans just dont seem to want to leave the party when its clearly over.

What other Laws of Nature are there ? Well, its up for philosophical debate whether there are any at all, but I would say in this realm, at this level of conciousness there are - so here's a list.

The seed of Life – an ancient symbol and a sacred geometry motif – 7 circles and 8th container.
1.       MENTALISM
3.       VIBRATION
4.       POLARITY
5.       RHYTHM
7.       GENDER
8.       The Binder (the outer container enabling the 7 to combine to allow right change)

The GENERATIVE PRINCIPLE = CARE (different from compassion or Love – it is about where attention is placed)

Each circle represents a law of nature which is being applied regardless of yourself or your ego, that all life is subject to, and which is unchanging. 

It is a good if you pray to know what can actually be changed and what to blame God for, or ask for, as the parameters are set and they're not changing. So will God intervene in a natural crisis and save millions of lives - no s/he will not, the lives of others will be good , presently, in the past or in the future, the balance comes across time or groups, as well as each individual.  A volcano will explode, then go quiet, then explode, then go quiet, this is not anything vengeful, its the cycle of life in action again, and you just got caught up in the cycle of something else that wasn't directly about you. The same way an ant may get stamped on as you go about your cycles.  It all evens out in the end.
Its not personal. Personal objectives, goals and actions also follow the same guidelines but on a smaller scale. Imagine a group of spinning circles, overlapping, some big, some small, some medium...spinning at different speeds....with you a fractel part of this big pattern....and the whole pattern being part of the universe, the multiverse, the timeless everything. God has quite enough on his plate to spin.

It can help you determine what to care about in the future by understanding the structures of the problems faced, and alleviate a sense of failure or panic to deep dive here. 

Everything one CREATES  starts as a thought in the MIND.  
 (manifestation comes from non physical root)
THOUGHTS therefore determine the quality of PHYSICAL EXISTENCE.
Watch your thoughts as these determine your actions.
Watch the thoughts of the group, as these co create the society.

As ABOVE so BELOW – The MicroCosmic (individual units of a whole aggregate) follow the same pattern as the MacroCosmic (Laws of large things)
As One goes the other goes – eg the pattern within the smallest cell or atom internally will represent or have similarities with the same pattern of the universe or solar system, as a whole, externally.
Fractels, holograms, fibinacci show self similar patterns in either direction and are core in nature.

Nothing rests.  Vibrations manifest in different ways – there is nothing solid and nothing unmoving.
Matter is a energy in a state of vibration. A solid table of wood is moving if you focus in deep enough with a microscope, its just not relevant to us to notice that at our level.
Different life will live at different levels and see different energies in different aspects which influence them. This is one of the things that makes each species unique.
(The law of nature dictates that to stop is to stagnate, although the odd breather is fine (-;)

Poles to all pairs of opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree.
Paradoxes are reconciled as extremes meet. 
Male- Female, 
Yin-Yang – in the meeting of opposites resolution is found.

Ultimately there are no opposites as all in consciousness at highest level (God hood), but at our level the paradoxes are visible as we inhabit a physical realm.
(instead of choosing one side, find the common harmonizing point between the two – so a fundamentalist muslim and a hard core atheist are actually just both dogmatic, fixed and insecure, thus they are the same in the respect of motivation to be right, but on surface look  different due to the ideologies on top of the template.
To move towards spirit away from the material implies the ability to see the bigger picture, the closer to materialism one gets the larger the polarity is.

Everything flows out and in, rises and falls – like a pendulum swing. The swing to the right is the same measure as the swing to the left.
Rhythm compensates…
(by generations we experience opposites)

Chance does not exist , it is just a law in motion that has not been recognized – mainly due to a TIME LAG since the reaction commenced. the effect comes without knowing when the cause was, like dominoes.
 Free Will and choice exists and every act of free will is bound by natural law so will have a consequence (interpreted as good or bad perhaps) 
Nothing escapes consequentialism, although in the aggregate : one part could cause and the other receive the effect.

PLANE OF EFFECTS  -where actions manifest in reality
What already is cannot be changed/undone – as the thought has already manifested in the physical world -  but the future starts in the present moment.
What we feel and think , causes the resulting action which manifests according to the natural laws.
Therefore changing thoughts result in better physical surroundings.

This is the mental world – instead of trying to change the physical plane of effects (many of which have already happened) then humans must instead focus on the Plane of causality where they change their thoughts to stop manifesting the same problems in different formats, in the future.
Eg Slavery can come in chains, cut chains, make it illegal but then it returns in financial form. The mindset and acceptance is the same, so the manifested result is still a form of slavery and the emotion is still unhappiness.
With globalization, some countries look fine and dandy, but that is because their lower class is just another country, not a group within the same community – also an example of cause and effect , with the effect being put on someone else and not being received by the perpetrators of wrong action – this suits them, but not the collection of humans, or its combined fate overall.

7. GENDER (very out of fashion at the moment!)
Gender exists and manifests on all planes – our mental gender is split Male-left hemisphere (logic) and Female –Right (emotion) with the base brain linking the two. 
The Third eye represents the balance between the L/R and the M/F to produce an optimum inner and outer vision. Or the heart and mind fusion etc
Male and female are to be harmonized, not homogenized into one. 

Ill end it there - hope this helps, and compliments to Mark Passio for his work to get this out there. 

If anyone has additions / corrections /examples -  feel free.