Friday, 18 October 2013

A real man speaks out - cognitive dissonance

This guy knows his shit !! watch this if you cant work out what the hell is going on with your head or anyone elses these days...

If you don't have 7 hours, I have kindly listed the main points to absorb below for you to think on.

New age myths and mind control methods propogated:

1. Ignore the negative
ie dont speak about what is wrong in the world or your focus will attract more of it.

Actually - by ignoring it you then allow more of it, by knowing it you are then able to steel yourself against it by researching where it came from. Bring trauma to a concious level in order to heal it.  Take right defensive action when violated.

2. Never get angry
ie There is no proper role for anger (keep calm and carry on)

Actually - anger is there for a reason otherwise you would not be able to experience it - find the right use.  When forced into a corner, go on the attack like the incredible hulk, like all nature.  Non righteous and unchannelled anger is unproductive eg infighting over irrelevant diffferences.
this is counterproductive to group goals and your own. Get angry but do something useful (righteous indignation to motivate you forward). If you believe in Jesus take note the first thing he did was go straight into the temple and turn out the banksters from the spiritual heart of the community. Jesus was an anarchist.

3. We are all one so it is all good
ie Its just an experience, no good (right) or bad (wrong).  We are creating our reality individually.  Right and wrong is dualistic and therefore invalid (moral relativism)

Comparisons lead to confusion - there ARE absolute truths. People can do evil to each other. Man does not make up/decide right and wrong, it is a natural law already.  
Correct = based in truth. 
Moral = in harmony with natural law. 
--->Resulting actions do not harm others. 
Conscience = knowing together what is right = common sense
Some people believe physical form is subserviant to spirit, while others focus on matter like the universe is a machine but ignore the influence of free will. Sceintific materialists see one machine with an answer (left brain imbalance) and some have a right brain imbalnce thinking spirit will solve all and they will be light beings. 
You are here to learn the lesson that both interact before you can evolve. 
You are not going to turn into a light body and be rescued by aliens, this is childish nonsense - hard work must be done HERE , NOW with both. There is no duality to consciousness, it is united left and right.

4. You can never really know anything, it is all a matter of perception.
ie perception (solipsism) is all that exists, everyones opinion is equal and all we know is that we know nothing.  We must be humble.

This encourages people to see nothing outside self. We dont know everything, but to say someone who has done a lot of work on themselves has an opinion equal to someone who has not is rediculous. You can know truth, it is not perception, it can be held in consciousness and it feels good. 
It doesnt make you super special to know this, or magical, but it makes you more moral and knowledgeable of absolute truths and more able to perform peacefully.

Satanists have 9 sins they propogate on others whilst not falling for themselves - they use this to manipulate others into stupidity so they can push their agenda

'We are all one' does not mean there is no individual experience, but it does not mean only individual experience is relevant.  Perception is not reality, it is a view point or window on reality. 
Our work is to align the two - perception and reality. 
This is achieved by harmonising the divine masculine and the divine feminine pillars.

5. Accept the world as it is, dont react, what you resist persists, there is never need for confrontation.

No. you can accept the truth as it is unchangeable , the world can be changed. 
Getting people to stand down and accept their lot in life is done a lot by western interpretations of meditation and yoga. The purpose of yoga and meditation is to make change by balancing brain frequencies.. it is not to learn to simply observe and never partake, it is to observe what is, and then react to it. Defense is one righteous reaction to abuse of truth.

The original prayer of serenity sums this up:
God give me the grace to accept with serenity the things that CAN NOT be changed (natural law)
The COURAGE to CHANGE the things which SHOULD be changed
and the wisdom to distinguish the one from the other.

(accept what you cant change, and change what you cant accept, by developing will -what you wrongly resist will persist)

The version out there in popular thought which is based in the ego (I) and far less powerful:
God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can; 
and wisdom to know the difference. 
Living one day at a time.

Feminine - Do not initiate harm against people who have done nothing wrong
Masculine - Defend and act against people that are.

6. Laws of attraction
Put a thought out there and attract the result

Bullshit. Denial of truth creates fear and internal chaos, which results in violence and aggression. 
The new age version of laws of attraction is a selfish ego based form.
An individual is someone who is their own monarch, sovereign, and in knowledge of truth allows love, which leads to an internal flow of right action.
Stop the mentality of servive to self, and gain insight to service to truth. 
You do not create reality alone, and you do not escape it by your perceptions.  
We co create in the aggregate.
As above so Below - the totality of society is comprised of the microcosmic units of consciousness. 
For a quantum shift in reality you need a shift in the AMOUNT of people - no small amount of people can create an overall change. courage is ultimately what is required to know and speak the truth to build numbers.

7.  Forgive others, turn the other cheek

Right brain imbalance - this is to allow violence and deception - denial of the inner masculine...and also is arrogant to assume you hold the power cards.

I think the turn the other cheek if it is indeed real in the bible is misconstrued. It means offer people other chances to do the right thing, after they have acknowledged their wrong doing... if they do not, stop them.

True forgiveness is a two way street, the offender needs to admit they were wrong before you can start to forgive, and they need to not do it again - obviously, or they betray the notion of trust. 
They tell the truth, then you give something back. ie a chance to not do it again.

8. Possibility for Chaos should be feared
If I compromise then I will be safe. If there is chaos we will get hurt. Yellowhammer is caught up in this one...may be the impending collapse of the monetary system will help with this section.

In a physical world there will always be harm - and is.  
Look at what has already happened - there already is chaos bubbling up with a very loose lid. 
Suffering is a lesson brought by nature until knowledge is accepted. 
It is teaching through the negative path eg if you put your hand on the flame it will be burnt , this teaches you the law and holds you accountable, so is just another gift of knowledge.  
No truly intelligent being would keep putting their hand in the fire like we are currently doing, and ultimately you turn to ash.
True freedom means infinite possibility, free of cages, therefore this also encompasses chaos. 
Fear is death of imagination. If you cant imagine how chaos would work itself through then you have no imagination (its being limited by others in power a lot through mind control, try imagining things being better than they are now, allow yourself imagine a world which is not ruled by used to be called utopian people have a poisoned world view that man will never change)

9. The end goal is to feel good all the time
We should purge these experiences of dualism, and enlightened people feel good all the time.
 This is an appeal to ego. Buddha, Jesus, Ghandi, Krishnamurti - none of them felt good all the time.
If you look at the first matrix film , you will find knowledge is not comfortable for Neo. 
Enlightenment is more about responsibility to truth which comes above any allegiance within or without. The current truth SHOULD make you feel uncomfortable.


Defend the sacred feminine by exercising the sacred masculine. Experience both unashamedly.
Balance your brain and do not fall for the lies being propogated.

Be the change you want to see in the world.


Thanks to Mark Passio - what a man, and finally what a great example of the true divine masculine in action.